Striving to visually move you – In a way you didn’t know was possible.


Cole has spent countless hours developing a unique, clean, creative style that can be adapted to limitless brands, people, and ideas. From music creators to clothing companies, we can improve your professional presence and portray you in a whole new light.

Brand Identity

Working with companies, and individuals to develop strategies, designs, and messages to dominate the social scene. Starting from scratch, or developing an existing idea, we can reface your brand through photo and video solutions.


An ability to adapt, learn, and create new visuals through various creative processes. Whether we start with a brand new idea, or complete an existing model, we can work together to improve the professional presence your brand hopes to achieve.




I have had the chance to work with dozens of individuals and companies in the last year. My client work includes product photography for brand owners, marketing and social shots for music creators, and professional portraits. These opportunities have made it possible for me to take over 22,000 photographs around the United States and the world.

Cole does an exceptional job and goes above and beyond what you ask of him. I`m only going through him for now on.

Jordon Orozco Owner of Elite Athlete

I really enjoy your artistic approach to your photography. You capture a different side of simple things that people don`t usually see.

Daniel Gonzalez Band Member

Very professional and very good quality for great prices.

Danyal Chaudhry Car Salesman

Cole`s videos and pictures are something very special. Not only is it eye candy, but it is also very high quality work.

Jack Putnam Band Member

Once Cole says he is going to do something, you know he is going to do it. And he is going to do it well, whether it be videography or photography.

Pierce Kettering Freelance Photographer

I love how much effort you put into everything you do.

Elijah Nipper Music Creator